Hi Guys,

Just a quick question that I'm sure someone will "probably" have a logical answer for

Why was the decision made that default "out of the box" V-Sync video setting is set to OFF in the visual performance options ?

Just a little curious, as the side effect of this decision results in my GPU's happily punching out just shy of 400FPS while playing back the intro video or just hanging out in the home screen.
The extra heat generated as a by-product is a welcome "gift" for those late night race sessions in the colder weather but on the other hand the associated fan noise gets a little distracting at times, even with noise optimised fans and PWM fan profiles.

Now, while I'm sure the DEV's have method to their Madness (pun intended) it leaves me a little puzzled why the option was made to max out the users chosen GPU by default.
Just a little confused on this decision, I know my monitor has its moments when its not sure what to do with all those extra FPS

Thank you in advance for you insight :)

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