Just to point something out to mr Ian Bell. Respecting your customer base is everything. If someone says part of your game i s a mess and the point keeps coming up, help the community find a solution
Closing the threads because people are getting frustrated and complaining when part of your game does not work properly, especially when it's the biggest part of your game which makes or breaks it just spurns customers. I bought copies for myself and a friend of mine after release because everything I had seen was exciting. Then after dropping $400 for a wheel to work with it I have trouble. I turned to the forums for help and found only more confusion and frustrated gamers.

I want to love this game! The tracs are epic the cars are beautifully realised, the physics system is fantastic. But I can't recommend it because force feedback is a disaster, the AI is blind and violent and the devs are running away rather than helping.

Please start working with us rather than agianst us and put Project Cars 2 on hold until you're sure the first one works. It's not even a year old yet. Shotgun releases don't help anyone or fix anything.

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