I am slowly getting desperate in PC - Technical Help & Support

So I have a t500 steering wheel and the FFB seems to get worse every update .

Driving in a straight line (especially in an lmp1 and on la Sarthe sircuit) causes a severe shaking of the steering wheel. I am not sure if it is trying to find its center or if the FFB forces are causing this.

I tried almost every suggestion here , spend many hours but still the same problem remains: shaking of the steering wheel when driven down the straight (mulsanne)

So I tried the soft clip thing , it does help but it also takes away any detail left in the FFB.

I tried deadzone suggestions from others here, even calibrated my wheel multiple times, removed the tweak files, full reset etc etceverything remains the same.

I tried lowering the TF, well that worked but it also took away 90% of FFB feeling and strength :D .

Since I bought PCars I spend I think 70% of my time trying to figure out the FFB and 30% actually racing.

But I wil not give up on Pcars. This game has too much potential and beneath the FFB mess there is a diamond, although it is stil a rough diamond.

If anyone can help me to get rid of the shaking when driving down the mulsanne straight in an LMP1 and still manage to keep the feeling in the steering wheel, so not going dead when driving down the straight and not feeling the road when going into corners I would very much appreciate it.

Original Writen by ELAhrairah in PC - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 03-07-2015 00:28.