First time i have seen this one. Qualifying 1 on road america. couple of aborted laps due to track limits so cross line with 4 minutes to go in mclaren 12c gt3. great lap but lose it on fast right hander near end of lap and scrap lap, not enough time for another flying lap so i "Skip to end of session" and accept 24th for first race. Go to qualifying 2 and have the same time left as i did when i aborted previous qualifying which was barely enough time for out lap yet alone flying lap. Exited and tried again but same time left. wont reset to proper amount no matter what i do so now im 24th for both races.. Annoying? hell yeah

Not sure if i can recreate bug but will try and report if i get a handle on it.

I Love Road America too. One of my all time favourite tracks with spa and nordshleife. :)

PS. Great work on the game guys. Awesome but for a few annoying issues which i'm sure you will iron out over time. Cheers

PPS. Quite funny how my previous post about rain and AI being stupidly fast got seriously derailed by detractors of the game.;)

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