Went ino one lobby, car Audi R8 Ultra, Spa, geared up to 6th engine dies, back to 5th works normally, back to 6th engine

On DS4:

Throttle get to much sensitivity:
Out of the corner my car just spins even tho i shifted normally to let say 1st or 2nd, it get to much throttle and i spin but i didnt touch the throttle sooo, this needs to be adresed as a bug or so b┤coz it┤s anoying as f..k!!!!!

Why are they stuttering?? I┤ve seen a dude with 707 ping!!! It┤s that possible?? The tracks stutters on a straight, in a damn corner where u have to perfectly hitting brake, shift down and hit the apex-but no, the game stutters since day one!!

When can we expect the new patch for online problems, not to mention Private servers and more options for ppl who run the lobby??? In this state, game is almost (in 50%) undriveable! We need some answers from y┤all!!

Original Writen by Iwanchek in PS4 - Technical Help & Support Category, the date of 02-07-2015 16:15.