Hi all !

To help the community to move forward, I want to share you my work. I present you my application that aims to record all the time that are performed on the dedicated server, and provide you with statistics, and livetiming, as well as monitoring pilot.

You can find on github the repo and documentation in progress. https://github.com/JcPires/Project-Cars-DS-LiveApp

Once installed on my production server, and a few laps, you'd share the link so that you can report to you on what I offer.

Hope this helps some community, many things are still to come, as the league management. But at first there will be a long phase of debug, and pending the next update of the announced dedicated servers, no new function will be added.

Features available:

  • - Livetiming
  • - Save all the tricks performed on the server
  • - Creation of an output file at the end of the session with "incidents / revolutions / outputs track / contact" per session.
  • - Ability to create events
  • - Ability to search by some criterion made the best round
  • - Some general statistical

There is time for me some bug on livetiming where the group and the car are not added to the table. And on the homepage in the table attached.

Unfortunately it is quite difficult to debug because everything is live and I needed active drivers on the server, which delayed me as much.

Language / Library / framework used:

  • - Node JS
  • - Sails Js
  • - Grunt
  • - Less
  • - Mustache
  • - Ejs
  • - Jquery
  • - Bootstrap 3
  • - Velocity Js
  • - Bcrypt
  • - Fs-extra
  • - Async
  • - OwlCarousel
  • - Trumbowyg
  • - DatePicker
  • - Weather icon
  • - Font-awesome

PS: I don't want to released now, but i need beta tester to debug much faster. Keep in mind, this is a BETA version. The design was not really worked

You want to support me: Paid me a beer !

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