Hi. I'm racing in a formula C carreer. However since the new patch i cannot comlete the season. The raceweekend i was in shows "in progress" or something like that. I can only start new races. So i thought i'd start a whole new career starting in the Formula C. But now that option isn't selectable anymore, i have to start in the 2nd kart series. And i hate to start there.

Same goes for the different classes. I can't select any class in the upper tiers. for example: i always have to start my career in the clio's while before i could also start in GT4 or GT3.

Is this something new in patch 2.0? Am i missing something? Or is my savegame messed up? If so: how can i fix this?

Original Writen by Boomshalockboom in General Discussion Category, the date of 02-07-2015 09:47.