While i have played a lot of race games, i still struggle with some tracks. Therefor i like to use the racing line guide. that green arrow line.
But it's also very large and "in your face". So when i know the track a bit more i like to turn it off. It's a bit clumsy to go back to the menu and turn it off there. Is there any way to "toggle" this on screen guide? or maybe make it less obvious that it's on? change opacity, width or something like that? I like to race with the hud off and also no racingline. I can toggle the hud, but not the racing line. When i'm in carreermode i have no issues with it turned on in practice, but i want to turn it off in qualification and the race.

(yes i know i should turn it off all the time ;) )

Original Writen by Boomshalockboom in General Discussion Category, the date of 02-07-2015 07:23.