I just wanted to acknowledge the hard work Doug has been doing in regards to tires, A.I, and track limits. It looks like we have some great improvements to look forward to in those areas.

Also, much respect to you Doug for taking the time to answer people's questions and converse with the public about certain aspects of Pcars. Even when faced with negative comments from people regarding the areas of the game you have been working hard to improve, you still go out of your way to explain how things work and what you are doing to fix such issues. All with a polite answer and no snarky comments.

It really shows great character.

We all know things aren't quite perfect just yet, but anyone who takes the time to read all your helpful posts can see yourself, and others behind the scenes presumably, are fully committed to realising Pcars full potential.

Thanks Doug and Co.

Original Writen by Deadzone in General Discussion Category, the date of 02-07-2015 05:35.