I mean that with every bit of sincerity possible.

I passed 130 hours with Project Cars tonight.

You know, I was originally hesitant about this game because I thought the car list was kind of small, and I wasn't thrilled about the lack of customization. Still, I liked what I saw from the videos that the community had been putting on YouTube throughout development, and I was looking for a racing game to play on PC.

Leading up to the release, I bought a G27 and a 290x just so I could be ready. Bought the game on release day, and due to my terrible net connection I didn't get to play til a few days later.

But when I did, I was really amazed that it really felt like driving. As a guy who had been used to playing Forza and GT, I couldn't believe how responsive the cars feel, and how they don't have that floaty feel. It feels like there's friction between the cars and the ground. It feels like the tires are gripping and the body roll is working against them. I was worried that I would get bored without being able to customize cars, or without having to work to afford them. Hell, I'm 130 hours in and I still haven't even driven all of the cars.

I know a lot of people are complaining about the car list being small in comparison to Forza or GT. I feel like that's ignoring the crucial factor that not a single one of the cars sucks. As far as what I've driven, they're all a goddamn blast, and I couldn't be happier with that.

I also like the little things. I like that the SMS LMP1 has a wastegate from hell, because dammit if you're going to make up an LMP1, it might as well be the most awesome one you can imagine. I like the the Formula A is a V8 instead of a turbo V6, because if you're going to make up F1 cars, you might as well make up good ones.

The tracks are all fun. The cars are all fun. Hell, practice is fun. I've never owned a racing game before that I would just take a random car onto a random track and turn laps for hours just for the hell of it.

Yeah, I know the FFB got all wonky with 1.4, and I know the performance with AMD cards isn't what we'd all like it to be. The good news is that it seems like the FFB is better in 2.0. I can't seem to put my finger on it, but it feels I don't know tighter?

Performance also improved with 2.0. I'm able to play with most settings on ultra and still get above 30fps in the wet at Brands and Totally-Not-Monaco. I'm still utter garbage at racing in the wet, but we're not all Senna, you know?

I know it seems really weird to just pop in and say "Thank you," but I've got a reason, and I feel like it's as valid a one as you're likely to see.

See, I've dealt with extremely severe depression my whole life, and around release time I had been going through a really bad period. I won't go into the details, but I was at my lowest point in years, and it wasn't looking good. Therapy wasn't really helping much anymore, and my appointment with the Doc was still about 6 weeks away, so getting on any kind of new meds was out of the question at the time.

Dealing with major league Anhedonia isn't a whole lot of fun, no pun intended. You just kinda come home from work and do nothing. You hate being at home. You hate being at work. It really sucks.

I don't know why, but I found that I could get lost in Project Cars. Lock the wheel down onto the desk, crank the surround sound, and hoon the living hell out of whatever car strikes my fancy around whatever track looked appealing. It was the first time I had felt what it was like to have fun in a long time. Going into the Druid's Bend at Brands, full oppo, in a Formula A, smoke rolling off the tires. That's fun, dudes. That's the good shit.

You guys made the game that pulled me through. I had my doc appointment last week, and I got a new RX. It's working wonders, and you know what?

This game is even more fucking fun now.

Thanks so much to Ian and all of SMS. You guys made the racing game that I never knew I wanted. You hit a home run, gents. Take a victory lap.

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