Now don't hate me or ban me as I love this game but I have noticed a few issues.

I have had the FFB perfect but I noticed it was starting to get a bit light so I kept upping the TF from 100 to eventually 150 post patch, I had good bump/kerb feel with Jack's bump file but it started feeling light with no weight, so I did a reset and OMG it was as heavy as Thor's Hammer.

I did this after reading that people had the same issue.

I reset TF to 100, FFB is always on 100 and I haven't touched the other stuff like scoop etc, The return spring feel is over powering the SOP feeling, it feels different every race, as a test I picked the RUF which gives the best feeling of bounce and bump on various tracks and I ended up turning the TF down to 40 just to stop the heaviness but I lost all SOP and bump, so I put on the FFB graph and all I saw on every corner was a big white jaggy like a heartbeat on every corner below the FFB line and on every corner it felt like it clipped as it went light but it didn't and then started pulsing mid corner.

It was a constant up down with 1mm between and corresponded to the wheel slop, so I alt tabbed and it was gone, I had it on 4 different tracks every corner, the wheel felt better and I carried on but I noticed the wheel starting to get lighter?

I have no idea what's going on, I took a screen shot but it didn't paste, I quite like the return spring feeling as you still feel the back end go but it needs to be toned down to not overpower the weight transfer and bump steer and braking wobble, I expect a car to return to centre but the weight is too much.

I am going to reset the game to day one and start again, for info G25, no profiler, 100 overall and nowt else but allow game to adjust settings, it's not a base wheel setting but game specific.

It's also not PC specific as I have had no crashes and it runs sweet, FX8320 stock, 16GB RAM 2400 @ 1866, GTX 770 on [email protected] 1680x1050 gets 80 FPS, drops to 40's with 30 cars and weather when intense but never a stutter apart from people joining and leaving, I host the room on a 75/20 connection.

Why does it keep changing and why does ALT TAB fix it for a while?

PS Still love it though as I adjust to the circumstances!

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