So now that we have great VR support (easily the best for any racing sim out there), how about some Leap Motion support?

For those that don't know: the Lap Motion is a $99 kinect-like device designed to track the position of your arms, hands and fingers from close range. You can mount it on the front of your HMD and it will provide data to put your limb and digit mapping data (or your actual limbs from the video feed) into a simulation. You can see some existing demos at: Leap Motion | Mac & PC Motion Controller for Games, Design, & More

The tech itself is in its infancy and the finger tracking isn't ideal, but the actual limb and hand tracking works exceptionally well. I would love to see your arm movements mapped to your driver avatar to help with immersion. This is my four step plan:

1. Use positional head tracking to animate the driver body to lean with the user once the view has been centered.
2. Track the position and orientation of the user's arms and hands, which LM does pretty much flawlessly. Map this to the driver avatar's limbs. Disable existing driver limb animations.
3. Animate the grip to attach to or interact with whatever it's near. If you're near the gear stick, grab it. If you're near the wheel, grab it.
4. Allow adjustments of the in-car wheel and gearstick to suit user control position, such as placing hands on the real-world controller and then using it to calibrate the control's VR location.

So now that I've done the hard work for you, how about it? Want to make Project Cars the best VR sim that has ever existed?

Original Writen by Antidamage in General Discussion Category, the date of 02-07-2015 01:55.