First of all hello to everyone, I just registered on this forum.

Started playing Project Cars a couple of days ago, and since I was always car and flight sim fan, I was amazed by this sim. I like how you can feel the difference between a race car and road sports car, between FWD Megane RS and RWD 1M for example. However, I started driving Mercedes A45 AMG a bit and noticed that altough it's a AWD car, it is much more unstable than all of the road cars. It just very sensitive, unstable and loses traction very easily. Even with stiffer suspension it is still similar. Driving BMW 1M is much easier than the Mercedes. I get the feeling that the car is floating and has very little downforce.

Anyone else noticed this, and what are your opinions on how this particular car is modeled?

Original Writen by shc in The Garage - Car Setup Talk Category, the date of 02-07-2015 00:06.