A few issues 100% difficulty. I was 4-5 sec slower in practice and qualifying to find the 'auto tyre' choice was putting prime tyres on, changed to supper soft no problem we are competative qualify first buy .4 secs.

Go to the race and poor performance again no grip compared to the ai, restart and auto tyres had put prime tyres back on.

Restart race decided on 10% cause of time. Had a small lead after nearly half a tank but my tyres start going off so i start loosing time to the ai which setting the same times as me would be on same tyres, then rain which cools my tyres and 0 grip so pit and select wet tyres leave the pit and my car will not go over 100 mph and tyres instantly over heat. Re-pit for intermediat tyres but same again 100mph and instantant tyre over heat. I remember that soft and prime were the only tyre choice on this car so guess prime is hard tyres so fit and leave pits but last on the grid after earlier issues with speed and tyres.

Restared the race after figuring pit stuff out but tyres again loose grip way before ai loose any they stay steady 2:16 laps and i end up 3-4 secs slower, change to hard (prime maybe) and pace is 5 secs of there pace.

Had to restart the race again at 70% difficulty on prime to have a close race. But when it starts raining i have no answer for the ai pace mostly from conrod straight around the start/finnish and back up the hill. After spending hours trying to do this race i just smashed the car up and retired cause can't even skip it.
Such a great game but getting annoyed with poor ai and uneven races, think might say goodbye to it when f1 is releaed and gt 7 next year.

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