Hi guys,

I have a problem ever since I installed the game on my PC. Here it is:
I leave the pits and at some point (after a few seconds usually), the screen freezes. I can still fully steer my car and the game itself goes on as normal. I can even press ESC and go back to the menu, I just don't see it. The screen doesn't go black or anything, it just freezes.

Reinstalling the game didn't help. Neither did the new patch. I figured that it might potentially be track related, because I can drive Snetterton and Sonoma without problem but Le Mans and Monaco for example are impossible. Then again, it might not be. I don't know.

I have already set my graphic settings to the lowest possible level, didn't help either. Plus, my specs actually fit the game..

I really hope anyone can help me out because if the game runs, it's a lot of fun. But I have to run it in windowed mode, because otherwise I'd have to restart my PC every 5 minutes

Thanks guys!

Here are my specs:
nVidia GT640
8 GB Ram
inter Core i5, 3 GHz
Win 7

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