[Ghosts] [Experimental]Visual Tool v1.6 Beta

-No Weapon Sway Demo-

No Weapon Sway will make some animations going nuts!

Call of Duty Ghosts Multiplayer (Steam Version)
.Net Framework 4.5.1

+Fov Editor
+FPS Unlocker
+Disable all FX (Fire, Fog, Muzzle Flash, Bullet Holes, Etc)
+Flashbang blindness immunity
+Enemies on Minimap
+Minimap Size
+Trinity Rocket ESP
+Force Laser
+No Weapon Sway (Experimental, Great For Sniping)


You can use it either by sliding the track bar or by using the hotkeys. You can keep the hotkey pressed down for faster changes.

Hotkey (Included in text file):

F1 - Reset Default FoV
F3 - Decrease FoV
F4 - Increases FoV
F5 - Toggle FoV Drug Mode

-Virus Scans-
GhostVisualTool.zip - Jotti's malware scan