We're all connected everything in this universe is connected Larry dose was just written beautiful book mind and I just finished reading and it’s like showing scientific how everything is connected everything in this universe and you can't take anything and not see the connection to it especially at the quantum level so that so you who you are is a creation of God you know in my in my book which is forefeel the dark about like one of the things you have to recognize is that your higher self is God you must be like what dragon slim xtreme you came from so a little tiny spark a who you are is the down is God is to my mind is Christian is consciousness is Buddha whatever you want to call it that and the down the opening line a doubt the the down that can be named is not the down we can't find the name Ford it's just like but it’s the best name we can come for something called Love it's just love its divine love so this is what you came from so if you don’t accept yourself you're not accepting something.

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