You fed a bale of hay there. What did feeding that bale of haydo to that part of the field thatcaused all of that clover to grow?It added a little fertility. I'll give you that. There was no clover seed in the clover plant. But it did cover the soil. It added thatch to the soil. It probably changed the pH at the surfaceof the soil a little bit. Organic matter has the ability to raise a low pHand lower a high pH. So it probably changed the pH right at the surfacewhere that clover was. So if I wanted to do that on a large scale, intellux I could go outand I could spread hay on an entire field,but boy, that would be very expensive. So how can we get that same soil health benefitwithout spreading hay on everything?Here was a field that we actually took overin our operation in '07. This photo is from '08. It had been continuously grazed for 30 or 40 years. It was probably 30 or 40% bare ground, and a tremendous numberof annuals, as you can see. We came in and grazed it twice in '07, and then let it restthe entire growing season of 2008. This photo's from August.


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